Naked Nutrition Challenge

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For 8 weeks I participated in a food challenge with my gym. Having never been on a diet before, this way very hard! If you know me, you know that every tooth in my head is a sweet tooth. I love dessert and had never gone without it until this….

Luckily, I really enjoy cooking so eating real food was a treat. The best thing was that it got me consciously thinking of what I was consuming. I realized that I mindlessly grazed on crackers, dips and cereal without much thought. for this challenge, I didn’t eat anything out of a package for 8 weeks and the results were great.

In fact, this is a lifestyle that I will continue, well… forever. Of course I couldn’t stay away from sugar forever, but I have discovered great recipes that satisfy cravings and I substitute sugar for honey or maple syrup whenever possible.

The best part – I won the challenge! Thanks Taylored Training!


Now, when I want a snack, I have them ready, or take time to prepare my food to ensure that I am not filling my body with crap.


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