Caramal Pear Butter

Wow – you know what this would be good on, everything – these are the exact words my husband spoke after trying this concoction. It all started when our next door neighbor left a large bag of pears (straight from her backyard) on our front step. We ate a few, but there were so many and fruit flies were gathering fast so I put the entire bag in the fridge. When the space was needed, I decided to make sweet pear butter. I’ve made apple sauce many times and this is much the same process. I begin slicing up the pears, skin on and throwing the chunks in a medium sauce pan on Medium low heat. I let the pears cook down, condense and sweeten, stirring occasionally and sampling all the while.


This recipe evolved as the pears begin to cook down so the measurement are just my best guess.

  • 12 pears, cut up with skin on (feel free to peel if you have  time to spare)
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 5 tablespoons brown sugar
  • dash of salt

Let it boil down for many hour – about 4, or until desired consistency. Enjoy on pork, toast or fill your tarts.

Sidebar: We’ve since received MANY more pears. This batch is currently fermenting with hopes of pear cider 🙂

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