Maple, Ham & Brie round

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Maple, Ham & Brie round

As my husband well knows, I am sort of (REALLY) obsessed with grocery shopping. I am always at the grocery store, and even when we travel, I insist that we pop in to the local supermarket and check things out. However, I have a busy night ahead and vowed to skip the food shop tonight. We always have lots of food on hand,  but not always your typical necessities for a weekday meal. Last weekend my father in law gave us a jar of maple butter I was dying to dig into, so here is what I came up with for a sweat and spicy tortilla pizza treat.

  • Spread Maple Butter on a whole wheat tortilla (you could use honey or cinamon spread, but nothing beats real Maple)

Dice the following and top the maple tortilla:

  • brie cheese
  • apple
  • avacado
  • cooked ham (leftovers from Easter)

Sprinkle with red pepper flakes to create a sweat and spicy round…and to add that hint of colour.

Bake at 350 for 15 mins or so, finish off with a broil. This was certainly a tasty treat that we will make again =) We had these with the roasted red pepper Tuna and Stuffing melt. I am full, but cannot overlook the bag of Easter chocolate, sigh.

Roasted garlic would be a nice addition. Yum yum.



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