Appetizer now. Cheese and crackers

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Appetizer now. Cheese and crackers

Guests dropping by in 2.2. Don’t fret. It is not the most creative app, but it looks appealling, and who can turn down a hunk of cheese on an artisian craker.

  • Local or deli cheese (I got cheese at Port cheese at Cookes in Kingston, along with Jalepeno Havarity and a log of Goat Cheese)
  • Fancy crackers (like Raincost crips, or better  yet, the crunchy, delish, and cheaper knock offs). Hint – keep a box on hand

Arrange your crackers on a great cheese board & supply a sharp knife so guest can slice their own servings.
Add a little extra and serve your store bought hummus in a nice dish and top with crumbled goat cheese

Don’t forget your cute cocktail napkins. Guests welcome =)

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