Sushi Party

A couple weeks ago our dear friends came for a visit and we decided to make our own sushi. Surprisingly, it turned out awesome!

  • Sticky rice – cook a couple hours before and let cool
  • Prep all the veggies – cut them into think slices. We used cucumber, red pepper, avacado
  • Cream cheese – cut into thin slices
  • Fresh, sushi grade fish. We used tuna and salmon

Buy seaweed paper and bambo mat for rolling, plus sesame seeds for topping…. oh, and lots of kikoman soy sauce

Making simple sushi rolls is actually easy after the first try. I highly recommend that you put seran wrap on the bambo mat before starting, or just plan to throw it out after.

-Start with your seaweed paper and spoon an even layer of rice over the entire thing
-put your fish and fillings (cream cheese and veg) near the middle and use the mat to start rolling (YouTube can demonstrate)
-for an inside out roll, just spread the rice on the seaweed as usual, then flip it upsidedown and place the fillings on the seaweed paper instead of the rice
-cut into pieces
-use chop sticks to dunk in soy sauce and pop em in your mouth. So good!

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