Scrambled dinner

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Scrambled dinner

No time for eggs in the morning, have them for dinner! So many options, but here’s a quicky. Scrambled eggs stuffed with veggies, ham and cheese.

This dinner is a result of left over lunch meat (ham), an excess of veggies, and a fridgefull of cheese. Sides are compliments of perfectly ripe avocado and left over mash.

  • Chop and saute veggies in a little olive oil. We had onion, red pep, mushroom & tomato
  • Throw in chopped ham
  • Beat 5 eggs (add a pour of milk if you’d like) and pour into buttered hot pan and scramble
  • Add veggies and top with cheese (cover so the cheese melts)

We accomanied our colourful scrambled with a slice of avocado and refried mash potatos.
Garnish with salsa, sour cream, Frank’s hot sauce, Greek yogurt and/or cottage cheese.

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