roasted red with tuna

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roasted red with tuna

Looking for an easy lunch!! Roast a lot of red peppers at once, and you’ll be able to whip up a lunch in a snap.

  • Remove the seeds from red peppers, cut in half, place open face down and bake at 350 for 15 mins or so (until the skin starts to blacken) – remove and let cool. Refrain from eating them ALL

Okay, once you have roasted red peppers, store them in a fridge and grab them as needed.

Next, you can also prep a couple cans of tuna. I mixed ours with a Spicy Greek Yogurt (from Costco), green onion, lemon juice and S & P… but you could mix your tuna with anything – pesto or mustard are two of my faves.

Here we go, on to lunch….

  • Roasted red pepper – place open faced on a plate
  • 1tbs goat cheese – spread on pepper
  • fill with tuna mix – mine was mixed with spicy yogurt and green onion, lemon juice, salt & pep

Done and Done. This is very good warm. You could put cheese on top instead and bake the whole package to melt the cheese before serving.

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