Pasta bake

Pasta can be different every day of the week. The dish we had last night was quite enjoyable and came about because we need groceries. However, with pasta, you can use what is on hand. So, here you have it.

  • Pasta, about 3 cups. Boil in salt water
  • Chicken – cube and cook in pan with a little oil
  • Chopped veg – saute – red pepper, spinach
  • Can of tomato sauce (with mushrooms)

Add tomato sauce to cooked chicken and veg to get everything warm
Drain pasta and put it back in the same pot
Combine the sauce mix with pasta then pour into casserole dish
Top generously with cheese (I like Winton Cheese with Jalapeno) and bake at 350 for 10 miniutes. Broil for 5 and serve

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