Colourful Beef Meadley

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Colourful Beef Meadley

Truthfully, I didn’t have much of a plan when I started this, but I knew I was hungry and wanted to eat real ingredients (not from a package). I started pulling things from the fridge, improvised as I went, and ended up with a flavor dish without much thought or effort.

Here’s how it went…. I started chopping leftover veggies and threw them in a pan with coconut oil in the order below (you can try any oil you like)

  • orange pepper
  • zucchini
  • tomato
  • avocado (it softens and creams a little – so good)

In another pan, I started frying

  • two (John’s Deli) beef burgers and mashed them up for a ground beef like effect. I quickly chopped a red onion and garlic and threw it in with the beef
  • Added a generous shake of chilly powder for more flavor

When both pans were smelling done, I combined them, stirred it up in the pan, added basil, topped with cheese, and Fini! A quick and hearty meal – not carb based

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